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November 2011

“The times they are a changin’…” -Bob Dylan New neighborhood. New house. New job.  There have been a lot of changes in the Pinkston household these last few months, but I am grateful to say they have all been positive!  Sometimes, though, when I think about how fast things change it kind of makes my head…

Prepping in LA 2011

Have I mentioned that I really love my job?  Its true and yesterday was no exception.  I was hired to dress one of my favorite clients to receive an award at the Hollywood Film Festival last night so I got to spend the day running around town pulling dapper suits and all that comes along…

Closing on Our First House, 2011

Last week was kind of epic.  My parents came to town for two days as part of their week long adventure spent driving up the California coast and I took them deep sea fishing. We saw dolphins, whales, seals, and all kinds of fish!  We also had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Pace.  I love…

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