Thailand, 2011

Today Aaron and I had our first Bangkok adventure: taking a long-tail river boat across the water to one of the most famous Buddhist temples here.  Upon arrival I quickly learned that I shouldn’t have warn shorts– in my defense it is quite warm AND quite humid!  However, it all worked out because I quickly fell in love with this printed cotton wrap they loaned me.  Doesn’t it go nicely with my NIKE sneakers?

The temple was breathtaking, the stairs to the top very steep, and the people their kind and gracious.  Afterwards, while Aaron was taking photos I stopped and played a thai version of jump rope with some thai children.  It was so much fun! I couldn’t help but think how their “afternoon schoolyard” was the lawn of a Buddhist temple on a river that cuts through one of the world’s largest and busiest cities.

As we rode away on some version of the same boat we came in on, I couldn’t help but wonder if the monks dressed in their usual orange garb have any idea how in style that color is for the season 😉

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