Phuket 2011

After traveling throughout Europe the past two summers, Aaron and I decided that we wanted a change of scenery when we were planning a trip for our one year anniversary.  We were both dying to visit Asia and had heard great things about Thailand, so we booked our flights, packed our bags, and off we went!  We spent two incredible weeks in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.  It was amazing and I have been dying to share some photos so here goes! (All photos were taken by my hubby, Aaron Pinkston.)

The vibrant colors, textured landscapes, and the warm, hospitable people of Thailand did not dissapoint.  In Phuket, we chartered a boat out to the Phi Phi islands and other neighboring islands.  We relaxed on sandy secluded beaches, fed bananas to the monkeys that lived on monkey beach, and snorkeled out in the open water.

We stayed on the northern part of the island on Nai Yang beach away from much of the hustle and bustle and, much to Aaron’s dimay, a Starbucks. : )Luckily, the hotel had a great barrista! We loved waking up in the morning and walking out to an almost empty beach.  It was also the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail and the sunset at the end of the day.  If any of you are thinking of going, I highly recommend the hotel we stayed at, Indigo Pearl.  (Giant, private salt-water pool in the backyard? Yes, please!)

Since we did stay a little ways out from some of the more populated areas, we hired a driver for two of the days we were there to make sure we saw all the island had to offer: The markets, downtown Phuket City, Patong Beach, and Big Buddha.  We stayed for a week and were never at a loss for fun things to do or delicious food to eat!

More photos from Bangkok and Chiang Mai to come!

Where did you all spend your summers?  Would love to hear about your vacations!



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