Hawaii 2010

There is nothing like a little Hawaiian vacation to say farewell to summer and embrace a new season!  The week before last, Aaron and I enjoyed six amazing days of eating sushi, lounging on the beach, and drinking mai tais.  Somewhere in between rest and relaxation we managed to squeeze in a zodiac boat trip oto the jagged cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, snorkel with sea turtles and other aquatic creatures, and helicopter over the lush green valleys of Kauai

Enter the real world: Eight hours after landing late Monday night it was back to work!  There were people that needed to be dressed for awards shows, new ventures to be explored, and prepping to be done for an image consulting job that I am very much looking forward to!  It may not have left much time for writing new posts, but it did give me time to examine a myriad of  new fall wardrobe possibilities!  From Gap to Gucci, no stone was left unturned!

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